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Guides and Staff

Guides and Staff


Andy Howard

Andy is the owner and operator of H2O Fowl Farms. The business was started in 2004 as part of his son’s high school FFA project, and was initially solely duck hunting. Andy truly enjoys getting to share his love of the outdoors and hunting with others and lives by the motto to “Pass it on”.  Running H2O Fowl Farms is more of a hobby for Andy rather than a business. He gets to spend time with his family, friends and dogs doing what he loves.

Brett Anderson.jpg

Brett Anderson

Brett, son in law of owner Andy, is the primary contact and guide for our upland game hunting. Brett also serves as a guide for our duck hunts. Brett has many years of hunting experience and really enjoys working with the bird dogs and getting to know his hunters.

Alan Pleasant and Reese.jpg

Alan Pleasant

Alan has been a duck hunting guide at H2O Fowl Farms since the beginning. Alan has been duck hunting since he was 12 years old. He loves getting to apply what he has learned over the years and teaching the upcoming generations all about what he loves to do. “There is nothing I like better than having some kids in the blind and watching their faces as they take a few birds and getting to see the dog work for the first time. That's what it's all about. -Alan”

David Bass_edited.jpg

David Bass

I have been guiding at H2O Fowl farms for the past 3 years. My passion is introducing young hunters to waterfowling and passing on what I have learned over 50 years of duck hunting to the next generation of hunters.


Anthony Mangum

Anthony “Amp” Mangum is H2O’s IDPA match director. He has been shooting competitively for over 20 years and holds the rank of Master in CDP Division with many Local, State and Regional CDP Division wins. Amp really enjoys the camaraderie of the sport and introducing new shooters to IDPA. He looks forward to seeing you on the range.


Chris Welch

Chris started as range master at H2o in 2016. Chris is former member of the US military, a competitive shooter, firearms instructor, and hunter. Chris competes in IDPA, USPSA, 3 gun, and DMR competition. While Chris does know his way around a shotgun and does duck hunt, most of his hunting is done with thermal and night vision. Chris works with several companies in the firearms industry testing firearms, optics, ammunition and accessories. Chris offers private 1 on 1 and group training courses. If you're handling a firearm for a first time or a armed professional a course can be tailored to your needs. Contact Chris at for more information on training or stop by any Saturday on the range. 

The Dogs


Reese, Ellie and Harley





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